Mission Statement

The Cyrenius H. Booth Library’s mission is to promote the joy of lifelong learning, stimulate curiosity, support the exchange of ideas, and provide a welcoming gathering place for our community.

General Use Policies

  • Patrons are limited to four (4) books per card when the computer is down.
  • Materials on reserve may not be renewed.
  • DVDs and videos cannot be checked out on a child’s library card.
  • Circulating reference materials include only materials in the juvenile reference section which are pocketed for circulation, as well as some of the art books in the adult section.
  • Use of the meeting room must be reserved in advance. Meetings must be over by library closing time unless previous arrangements have been made. An application and check must be submitted to reserve the room. The meeting room fees are set by the Board of Trustees.
  • Use of display cases is determined by the Director, the Children’s Librarian and the Library Curator. Requests may be made in writing or over the phone.
  • All art exhibits are determined by the art committee. Anyone wishing to exhibit his/her work must submit a written request to the art committee.
  • All bulletin board materials must be approved by the Director.
  • Book selection is by the book selection committee. Any purchase request must be submitted on a request/reserve card.

Circulation Policy

Updated and Approved by the C.H. Booth Library Board of Trustees, May 10, 2016
Background and General Information
The collections of the Cyrenius H. Booth Library are available for use by residents of Newtown and others.
Library materials are the property of the Town of Newtown. Library cards are issued to identify users of library
materials and to provide a means of recovering materials that have not been returned. Loan periods are designed
both to allow adequate time for borrowers to use materials and to provide timely loans of materials that are in
high demand. Borrowers assume responsibility for payment of fees or fines for materials not returned on time or
those that are lost or damaged.
Library Cards: Eligibility and Registration
Categories of Eligibility:
Newtown Residents: Any person who shows proof of residence within the Town of Newtown may obtain a
C.H. Booth Library card which will be valid for three years.
• Adult: 16 to 59
• Child: 4 to 15
• Senior: 60 years of age and over

Non-Newtown residents:
Connecticut: The C.H. Booth Library honors valid library cards from all Connecticut public libraries in
accordance with the statewide Connecticut reciprocal borrowing policy.
Temporary Residents: Short-term residents (such as exchange students and nannies) may be issued a
Library card upon proof of Newtown residence and acceptable identification. The card will be valid for
one year.

Restricted Cards: A restricted use library card may be issued to non-resident patrons who work in
Newtown. A restricted use card allows the cardholder to access certain library resources but cannot be
used to check out library materials. Restricted use cards will be valid for a period of one year.

Forms of Acceptable Identification:
Adult and Senior applicants for a C.H. Booth Library card must show identification with a current
residential address. Any one of the following is considered acceptable identification:
• A valid Connecticut driver’s license or identification card issued by the Connecticut DMV with
photo and current residential address.
• A current property tax statement for residential property with the name of the applicant.
• An official photo identification card from a school or government agency, along with another
piece of identification with a current Newtown residential address, such as a utility bill or
canceled mail postmarked within the last week.
A residential property tax statement may be requested for applicants who live in Newtown but supply only
a post office box number as an address.
Child (ages 4-15):
A parent or legal guardian must be present and sign the application for a child under the age of 16. The
parent or guardian’s acceptable identification as outlined above or current C.H. Booth Library card will be
accepted as proof of residence. Parents or guardians are responsible for all items checked out by children
under the age of 16.

Renewal of Library Cards:
Cards may be renewed at the C.H. Booth Library. At the time of renewal, applicants will be asked to verify
address and other pertinent information on the patron record.

Library patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their card and the cards of children for whom
they have assumed responsibility. If patrons allow others to borrow materials using their card, those materials
are the responsibility of the card owner.
Lost cards should be reported immediately. Library patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on
their card up to the date the card is reported lost to the Library. A replacement fee for a lost card will be

Loan Periods:
Loan periods are subject to the discretion of the C.H. Booth Library and Bibliomation standards.
Exceptions to Standard Loan Periods:
• InterLibrary loan materials borrowed from other libraries: The borrowing and renewal periods are
determined by the lending library.
• InterLibrary loan materials loaned to other libraries: The borrowing and renewal periods are determined
by the C.H. Booth Library

Renewal of Materials Checked Out:
Two renewals are permitted for most items if they are not on hold for another library patron.

Return of Materials:

Borrowers are responsible for all materials until they have been returned to the C.H. Booth Library or another
Connecticut library.

Use of the Book Return:

Museum passes must be returned to the C.H. Booth Library’s Children’s Department All other items, with the
exception of museum passes, may be returned in either of the book drops located at the C.H. Booth Library.

Use of deliverITCT:

The Library accepts materials for other public libraries that are served by the statewide deliverITCT service.
Patrons are responsible for any fees or fines that are charged by the owning libraries.

Overdue Notices/Bills:

Library patrons are responsible for keeping a record of the due dates of their library materials.
Overdue notices sent by the Library are a courtesy. Failure to receive a notice will not be considered grounds for
waiving a fine.

Fees and Fines:

Overdue Materials: Overdue fines are assessed for items returned past their due date. If an overdue item is renewed, the accrued
fine will be posted on the patron’s record. Fine rates are determined by the C.H Booth Library.

Maximum Fine: There is a maximum fine for all C.H. Booth Library-owned items returned past the due
date, exclusive of damage to materials.

Missing Items: Patrons will be notified of parts missing from materials they have returned (for example, if a
book on cd is returned with a single disc missing). The items will remain checked out to the patron and kept
out of general circulation until the missing part is returned or paid for. If the missing part is not returned, the
item will be declared lost and the full replacement cost of the item added to the patron’s record.

Damaged Items: The Library will attempt to repair slightly damaged items. However, if the material is
determined to be beyond repair, the Library will charge fees to replace the damaged items.

Replacement Costs: If an item is lost or so severely damaged that it requires replacement, the Library patron
will be charged the replacement cost of the item as listed in the Library’s catalog.

Denial of Borrowing Privileges: Borrowing privileges can be blocked for the following reasons:
• The total amount of fees and fines owed to C.H. Booth Library exceeds $10.00 on the patron’s record.
• The patron has a lost item on their library record.

Service Without a Card:
Service will be provided to borrowers who have forgotten their library cards if their registration information is
available within the Bibliomation Consortium’s system and if outstanding fees or fines on their registration
records do not exceed $10.00. Proof of identity will be required.




C.H. Booth Library Board of Trustees, approved 6-12-2018

Solicitation by third parties is not allowed inside the C.H. Booth Library building or on the property associated with it.   Solicitation includes, but is not limited to:
1. Solicitation of signatures on petitions;

2. Conducting surveys of any kind;

3. Distribution of leaflets, flyers, literature or other written material or samples or other items with the exception of library-sponsored programs;

4. Leaflets, flyers, literature or other materials left on vehicles in Library parking areas;

5. Activity for the purpose of sales or promotion of goods or services for commercial purposes is not permitted.

The foregoing prohibition on solicitation does not prohibit the posting of materials on the Library’s Community Bulletin Boards in accordance with the library’s Bulletin Board policy.