Strategic Plan

2022-2025 Strategic Plan will amplify 2016-2019 Plan

The Cyrenius H. Booth Library’s 2016-2019 Strategic Plan guided the agency through a tumultuous time that saw our state, nation, and community transform in ways that few could have predicted when it was conceived and written in 2015.

The plan, however, proved so durable and dynamic that when the Trustees examined it closely during 2020-2021 they decided that its six primary goals remained appropriate for 2022-2025 and that, with a rededication to those areas, could strengthen the community even more.

The words of then-President of the Board of Trustees Robert Geckle ring as true in 2022 as they did in 2016: “We will focus on meeting community needs through services that position the library as a connector, convener, partner, hub, and a place to learn with one another.”

The Trustees also retained and will re-commit to the mission statement: “The Cyrenius H. Booth Library’s mission is to promote the joy of lifelong learning, stimulate curiosity, support the exchange of ideas, and provide a welcoming gathering place for our community.”

As it embarks on a new planning process for 2022-2025, the library invites every resident and patron to the effort to consider new objectives and tasks wherein the library supports residents as they collaborate, engage, enrich, attract, and grow together.

First page of CHB Strategic Plan 2023-2025

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2023 Strategic Plan (and supporting documents)

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2016 Strategic Plan/C. H. Booth Library – Strategic Planning Needs Assessment Report – Community and Library/All Survey Data