When you visit the library, we want to make sure your experience is a great one! To make your visit easier, we want you to know about these accessible options. Questions? Please call us at (203) 426-4533 or send us a message for more information.

Parking & Entering the Building

Use our accessible parking lot off of Main Street. It provides larger, accessible parking spaces for wheelchair users and folks with a mobility or physical disability.

Enter the building through the sliding doors at the side entrance, near the accessible parking lot.

Getting Around Inside the Library

Wheelchair users are welcome to use the library’s in-house wheelchair! Just call us at (203) 426-4533 and we’ll meet you with it. Or request it in the Children’s Department on the 1st floor, and we’ll bring it out for you.

An elevator is centrally located in the library, providing access to all 3 floors.

Use the ramps on our 3rd floor to access the main Reference area, as well as the Arts & Antiques and Genealogy rooms toward the front of the building.


Use one of the accessible stalls in the gendered bathrooms on the first floor. Or, use one of the accessible individual all-gender bathrooms on the second and third floors (two on each floor).

Browsing Books

With plenty of space between aisles, we want you to feel comfortable browsing the shelves to discover your next great read.

Please don’t hesitate to ask a staff person if you’d like some assistance finding an item, or bending or reaching for an item from the shelf! We are here to help!

Borrowing & Returning Items

We offer lots of ways for you to check out and return items! These include:

Plus, Connecticut’s Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled provides free mailed loans of books and magazines in Braille and recorded formats, along with playback equipment.

Programs & Events

Do you have any special requirements to make the most of our programs and events? Please call us at (203) 426-4533 or send us a message, so we can discuss accommodations.