Downloadable Media

Check out our digital library!

Many new titles are added each month, for all tastes and ages. If you need help getting started or using these resources, please contact the Reference Department.

Use your C. H. Booth Library card to access these services:

Hoopla has movies, TV, music albums, audiobooks, e-books, and comics/graphic novels. No hold lists and an easy sign up. Five checkouts per patron per month with their app or website.

Kanopy offers a variety of movies, documentaries, and even Great Courses! No hold lists, and easy to sign up. Five checkouts per patron per month.

OverDrive offers thousands of titles, available digitally as e-books and audiobooks to download on a wide variety of devices. Check out items through the Libby app or website or the library’s catalog.

If you prefer physical formats…

Wowbrary is a service that provides a weekly list of the newest physical items that are coming to the library’s shelves. You can also view lists from previous weeks. Click here to get lists e-mailed to you.

Check the catalog for physical items on the library’s shelves. If you have a DVD player or prefer to leaf through the pages of a book, then this is the option for you! Come visit us to borrow available items, or sign in to your account to request a hold.