Volunteer in Newtown


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Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer? Look no further! Get Connected, Newtown is a free-to-use hub for volunteer events and opportunities! Stay connected to your favorite local nonprofit organizations, and learn about new ones! There’s always an event coming up and a need for helping hands. It’s easy to use and even easier to sign up.

Have any questions? Reach out today! Contact Lily Mac Hugh to learn more and get involved!

Are you a local nonprofit looking to collaborate and get the word out there for your organization’s events and volunteer opportunities? Sign up today!

Check out the page for C.H. Booth to see what possibilities lie in store for your organization.

Post your organization’s mission statement, contact information, and photos to introduce people in the community to your organization. If you need volunteers, you can post ongoing and one-off volunteer opportunities, as well as events.

We invite you to join the Newtown Nonprofit Council. The Council meets the third Tuesday of each month.

Contact Lily Mac Hugh to find out more information. 

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The next NNC meeting is Tuesday, October 17th at 10:00 AM in the Gathering Room. RSVP here.


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