Poetry Walk Map

  1. Like Foxes by Sarah Wetzel / The Hummingbird by Nancy Azzaro
  2. Memory of Garlic by Nancy Crevier / Grandmother at the Stove by Benjamin Grossberg
  3. Tom Mahoney / Floral Leitmotif by Pamela Brown
  4. In the Company of Trees and Where We Walk by Sydney Eddison / Stone Heave by Wendy Chaix
  5. The Other Shoe and The Visit by Cortney Davis / A Song Visits My Dream by Padma Battani
  6. Homecoming by Anne Renner / Take Her to the Beach by Peggy Moffit Earnest
  7. My Little Bro by Cecelia Ragusa / Kathleen by R. Cole
  8. Night Rider by Patricia Corcoran / Paula Brinkman
  9. The Beach by Rosalie Merrill / Come Spring by Elise Tobin Samaha
  10. Kiss the Day  by Julie Cook / the beautiful sunny day by Jacob Kane
  11. Shelves by Krysta Pierzchala / Night Flight by Meg MacIsaac
  12. Set in Stone by by Patty Graves / The Little Things by Tori Roe
  13. Cottonwood by Claire Zoghb / Where Love is True by Sandy Lee Carlson
  14. Befriending Snowfall, with Curiosity by Emma Brenner / Forest in Winter and Fall by Kathleen Chrusciel-Desrosiers
  15. Lisa McCann / Winter Window by Memory Celle
  16. A Walker at Fairfield Hills by Linda W. Uhde / Fairfield Hills Haiku by Claire Miles
  17. Tu Ausencia by Liz Hussain / A Maple Knows God by Natasha S. Garnett
  18. Ah, Fairfield Hills, You are on My Radar by Paula Burton / Nature’s Run by Sharon Cohen
  19. Benchview by Leigh Smith / Oh, Bobolink by J.R. Randy Walker
  20. Evensong by Thomasina Levy / Look up! and Meditation on a Weekday Walk by Jen Payne