Life Story Project

The C.H. Booth Library is recruiting volunteers and participants for an upcoming Life Story Program taking place this year. This program will provide an opportunity for older adults to share meaningful events from their life, and to have the events written and preserved by volunteers. We are asking local volunteers: to interview participants; to transform session notes into stories; and join us at the end of the program to receive a copy of the book.

Once a week the participants are going to tell their stories to the same volunteers who will take notes during the interview sessions (through handwritten notes, typed notes, or audio/video recordings). Then the volunteers will transform the notes into stories about the life of the participants. We will also scan personal photos, mementos, newspaper clippings, etc. during the interview sessions. The life stories will be published into a book with the use of a printing company (such as Shutterfly). For the final session, we will have a gathering with the volunteers and participants. Both the volunteers and the participants will receive a copy of the life story book.

Please see the links below if you are interested in participating or volunteering in the Life Story Project.
Life Story Participant Agreement
Life Story Volunteer Application

This program is made possible thanks to funding from the Friends of the Library.