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Free Publishing Resources from Biblioboard now at the
C.H. Booth Library!

The C.H. Booth Library is proud to announce that we are now partners with Biblioboard, a suite of applications that allow our patrons to Create and Share their own work, as well as Discover new books and stories by writers and authors from participating libraries around the world! Click on the links below to see how Biblioboard and the C.H. Booth Library can help you realize literary dreams!

What is Pressbooks? Pressbooks is an easy-to-use digital self-publishing tool that allows local writers to create professional-quality eBook and print-ready files in ePUB and PDF formats.

Click here to get started with PressBooks.

What is the Indie Author Project? The Indie Author Project (IAP) is a year-round, discovery program where indie authors can make their eBooks available through the library. Authors who are looking to promote their work and increase readership and exposure can submit their work to IAP to be featured in the statewide Indie Connecticut Collection, with the potential for inclusion in the IAP Select collections available at participating libraries all across the U.S. and Canada.

Click here to join the Indie Author Project!

The Biblioboard Library allows readers to discover independent authors from Connecticut and participating libraries from around the world! All content in BiblioBoard Library is available with unlimited, multi-user access at all times. Patrons will never experience a hold, checkout, or lending limit. How do I get to BiblioBoard Library? Download the BiblioBoard Library app for your Apple, Android, or Kindle device (excluding Paperweight), or visit library.biblioboard.com on any web browser.

Click here to access The Biblioboard Library, and find your next favorite book!

The C.H. Booth Library hosts a weekly session of Shut Up and Write! Are you looking for a space and time to commit to your project? Every Thursday at 6:30 PM you can join a group of fellow creatives as we work. Come early to chat and share progress and ideas! You can register through our calendar by following the link here. For more information please reach out to the moderator, Lily Mac Hugh. Come write with us!