Network Security

August 31, 2019

Statement on Network Security

News reports of increases in cyber-attack activity within Connecticut and in the world have raised general concern about ransomware, data breaches, and loss of personally identifiable information.

The C. H. Booth Library takes computer security concerns very seriously and guards the information of its patrons with extreme care.

The library has several mechanisms in place to maximize digital security available to the public.

  • Firewalls serve as a layer of protection to help prevent unauthorized access to the library’s networks.
  • PCs available to the public are locked down with special software to protect against viruses, malware, and unauthorized downloads.
  • PCs are set to reboot frequently to clear out private patron data.
  • The library isolates patron library account data (e.g. circulation records, contact info, etc) from other network activities, both in-house and through our consortium, to help ensure its safety and privacy.

In cooperation with its partners Bibliomation, The Network Support Company, and the Connecticut Education Network, the library takes additional precautions, including:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation assistance
  • CIPA compliant web filtering as appropriate
  • Next-Generation Managed Firewall Service for front-line defense against cyber attacks
  • Secure commercial database access
  • Secure remote patron authentication options
  • Regular Windows desktop security and virus protection

The library does not (and will not) share patron information with any individual or agency without proper documentation (e.g., a court order) requesting it and as required by law.

I hope that this information helps to allay any concerns that individuals using the services of the C. H. Booth Library might have, but please feel free to reach out to me at any time if I can be of any assistance on this or any other matter.

—Douglas Lord, Director
Phone: (203) 426-1561

About the C. H. Booth Library 

The Cyrenius H. Booth Library was a gift of Newtown’s benefactress, Mary Elizabeth Hawley and is named after her maternal grandfather. In addition to books, streaming media and databases, the library provides areas for meetings as well as displays of art and historical artifacts of Newtown. The library meets community needs by connecting, convening, partnering, serving as a community hub, and as a place to learn with one another with a mission to promote the joy of lifelong learning, stimulate curiosity, support the exchange of ideas, and provide a welcoming gathering place for our community.