Healthy Desk Habits

Wednesday, March 21st, 7:00-8:00pm

Sitting at your desk and stuck in your office all day, every day?!  This is wreaking havoc on your body and impacting your health and productivity.  This presentation will focus on simple, quick ways to squeeze in important exercise and stretching at your desk.  Emphasis will be placed on strengthening your lower back and gluteal muscles, and your hip flexors, which can be a cause of lower back pain.  In addition, we will cover how to stretch the chest muscles and strengthen the  upper back and hands and wrists, which can all be seriously compromised while sitting in a chair at the computer all day.

Donna Moxham, fitness expert and owner of Garage Girls Fitness in Newtown, is a firm believer in fitting in exercise wherever, however, and whenever you can.  Come and participate and learn healthy new habits that can change your overall well-being.  Wear your regular work/business clothes if you choose, so you can see how to incorporate this desk exercise lifestyle and not need to wear “workout” clothes!   Event will beheld in the Meeting Room.

The Library’s business programs are offered in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Newtown and the Newtown Economic Development Commission. 

Registration is recommended. Please call 203-426-8552 or email



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