To schedule a walk-though contact Sherry Blank at 203-426-4533 or sblank@chboothlibrary.org.

General Scope of Work:

OWNER C.H. Booth Library seeks to replace 6 (six) separate areas of hard/vinyl flooring and any associated cove base with new. The areas are identified on attached drawings and include a stairwell. The areas total to approximately 2,175 square feet. Square footage is approximate and should be verified by bidders. Flooring will not be identical for all areas. Bid price to include furnishing of all labor, materials, tools, and equipment necessary to remove and dispose of existing flooring and install new flooring and cove base as indicated and/or specified herein and preparing all substrate areas for application of new flooring and cove base.

Colors to be chosen by OWNER from samples provided by CONTRACTOR see ‘Specific Scope of Work’ section 6.

Bidder shall provide a separate proposal price for each work area.

The bid open date is 10/25/23; bids must be turned in by 11/16/23 at 4:00PM.

Specific Scope of Work:

Remove existing flooring, any associated cove base and any related materials, repair existing underlayment as needed, install new underlayment, install new flooring in all areas as indicated in diagrams and eliminate any uplifting and cracking.

  1. Initial Cleaning. CONTRACTOR shall inspect, prepare, clean, all substrate surfaces prior to installation. Remove excess and waste materials promptly, and sweep or vacuum clean flooring as soon as installation has been completed in each area. After adhesive has had adequate time to set, clean each area with damp mop and mild detergent. Remove scuffmarks, excess adhesive, and other foreign substances, using only cleaning products and techniques recommended by manufacturers of luxury vinyl tile products.

Dispose of all excess and waste materials properly off site.

  1. Install new underlayment approved by flooring manufacturer.
  2. Remove and replace existing expansion joint plates as needed.
  3. Furnish and install new flooring in all area as indicated.
    1. Install flooring in strict accordance with manufacturer’s written requirements.
    2. Product designed for commercial durability, ease of maintenance, and UV stability to discourage fading and yellowing. In addition, product must meet ASTM requirements.
      1. Provide a quote for sheet
      2. Provide a quote for tile
    3. Acceptable manufacturers are Roppe Corp Rubber Sheet & Tile -or- Mannington Commercial Mixed Monolith or equal approved by OWNER. Samples are to be supplied by the contractor for color selection.
  4. Any necessary reducers shall be vinyl strips of such thickness to suit abutting floor covering.
  5. Any necessary thresholds must be of similar / appropriate look and composition.
  6. Adhesive: Install tile using manufacturer’s recommended adhesive. Provide listing(s) of type and brands of adhesive as recommended by manufacturer of covering material for the conditions of the installation. Primer shall by type and brand recommended by floor covering manufacturer. Crack filler shall be type and brand recommended by the floor covering manufacture.
    1. Accessories: Provide vinyl transition strips between adjacent flooring types including all corridor doors. Color and style to be selected by OWNER.
  7. Install 4” cove base in accordance with manufacturers instruction. Colors to be determined by OWNER using manufacturer’s recommended adhesive.
    1. In general, cove base shall be installed as applicable around perimeter of room or space. The base material will be unrolled and cut into accurate lengths to ensure minimum number of joints. Edges will be matched at edges at all seams or double cut adjoining lengths. Base will be installed with tight butt joints with no joint widths greater than 1/64”. Base will not be installed base behind casework. In the case of top-Set Base, the bottom cove edge will follow the floor profile.
  8. CONTRACTOR will provide OWNER with 10% of stock for future repairs. CONTRACTOR must furnish not less than 10% of all materials installed under this section to OWNER. Extra materials shall be matching products installed as specified, packaged with protective covering for storage and identified with labels clearly describing contents.
  9. CONTRACTOR shall be required to furnish, without expense to the owner, all materials and labor necessary to complete the system in accordance with the best practice of the trade.
  10. Final Clean Up: All construction related debris shall be removed from the job and properly disposed. Clean and wash floor to remove manufacturer’s release agent.
  11. Protection Clause:
    1. Construction Period: Cover traffic routes across completed flooring with plywood, hardboard, or other durable material to protect against damage from foot traffic, loaded dollies, or other construction traffic.
    2. Final Protection: Cover resilient floor surface with non-staining building paper until substantial completion in each area.
  12. Certifications Clause: CONTRACTOR must submit certification(s) to verify that flooring complies with all fire and building codes and acceptable to authorities from independent testing laboratory.
  13. Maintenance Instructions: CONTRACTOR must submit a copy of manufacturers recommended maintenance practices for each type of flooring and accessory required.

PART A. Descriptions of Areas to be Replaced

Area Level Drawing Reference Approx square feet (to be verified by CONTRACTOR)
Internal Stairs 1-2-3 Area A 375
Meeting Room Kitchen 1 Area B 75
Children’s, Staff 1 Area C 450
Children’s, Toddler 1 Area D 400
Children’s, Storytime 1 Area E 475
Children’s, Bathroom 1 Area F 35
TOTAL 1,810

PART B. Definitions, Licenses, Insurance, Completion

  1. OWNER The term “Owner” refers to C.H. Booth Library a.k.a. Cyrenius H. Booth Library, a federal and CT tax free nonprofit agency located at 25 Main Street in Newtown, CT.
  2. CONTRACTOR The term “Contractor” refers to a person or entity that enters into a contract with OWNER. The party responsible for the overall job is a “general contractor,” and those he/she/it hires to construct or install certain parts are “subcontractors,” who are responsible to the general contractor and not to the OWNER. CONTRACTOR must be appropriately LICENSED to perform the WORK.
  3. WORK The term “Work” includes all labor, materials, equipment and services required of the CONTRACTOR, as shown, described or inferred in the Contract Documents. The CONTRACTOR is only to use its own qualified forces and/or approved sub-trades to undertake the Work. The CONTRACTOR may not sub out further work without the prior written consent of the OWNER, such consent to be granted at the discretion of the OWNER.
  4. Prior to beginning the WORK the CONTRACTOR will need to provide bona fides as to Certificate of Insurance (COI) and provide a Performance Bond. These will conform to the requirements of the Town of Newtown. A copy of these requirements is provided here.
  5. At the time those bona fides are provided a contract will be signed and dated by both parties. This contract will contain, at minimum:
  • The estimated start and end date of the project;
  • Agreed-upon payment terms;
  • Total agreed cost of project;
  • Details on the scope of the project as taken from this Scope of Work.

PART C. Attached Drawings

Drawings are hyperlinked below.

1 Lower Level Plan | 2 Second Level Plan | 3 Third Level Plan

Drawings are not to scale. All areas scheduled for flooring replacement shall be field measured for verification.

Any and all BIDDER QUESTIONS that are able to be answered before the Bid Due Date will be listed at this hyperlink.