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Request for Proposals

Project: Ceiling Upgrades | Building: C.H. Booth Library | 25 Main Street | Newtown CT 06470

The bid open date is 11/3/23; bids must be turned in by 11/22/23 by 3:00PM.

PART A. Scope of work: Replace ceiling tiles.

Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment, materials, and supervision necessary to remove existing and replace ceilings as indicated on attached location map. Existing grid may be re-used if contractor will warrantee per 9, below. Ceiling suspension materials must comply with ASTM C635/C635M as applicable to product. Small areas of verticals must be included as applicable. Base bids on Armstrong Humiguard Plus 289-B or OWNER-approved equal.

  1. CONTRACTOR must examine the conditions under which the ceiling tile work is to be performed and notify OWNER in writing of any unsatisfactory conditions, Installer shall make sure all unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected in a manner acceptable to OWNER and TOWN before proceeding with work.
  2. Enforce any cautionary measures required to ensure work, workers, and patrons are safe and protected. All work shall be done in accordance with specifications and contracts. All requirements of the contract documents shall apply to this project.
  3. CONTRACTOR must provide all materials and accessories for complete installation per manufacturer’s printed instructions and recommendations. Install units snugly; provide spacers or hold-down clips where required.
  4. Ceilings and hangers shall not support material or building components other than grills, insulation batts, or light fixtures. Duct work, plumbing, and like mechanicals must have its own support system and shall not use the ceiling system or suspension wires.
    1. All recessed or drop-in light fixtures shall be supported directly from the fixture housing to the structure above with a minimum of two 12-gauge wires; leveling and positioning of fixture must be provided by the ceiling grid. Fixture support wires may be slightly loose to allow fixture to seat in grid system.
  5. Work shall be scheduled as all materials are available and delivered on site and ready installation.
  6. Before proceeding with work make sure any and all required inspections have been made.
  7. Phasing and work hours: work must be performed during normal OWNER business hours or upon approval and agreement of OWNER
    1. Monday – Thursday 7:00AM through 7:30PM
    2. Friday and Saturday 7:00AM through 4:30PM
  8. Materials must be in original containers bearing manufacturer’s name and brand. Store materials on site where directed by OWNER.
  9. Provide product warranties to owner upon completion of the project. One (1) year warranty required on work.
  10. Keep worksite continually clean from all garbage and debris.
  11. Remove all debris caused by project in dumpster which contractor obtains.
  12. After installation, CONTRACTOR will touch up any minor finish damage and remove and replace any work that was not deemed successful by OWNER, clean any soiled surfaces and replace any and all damaged tiles at no cost.
  13. Extra stock: CONTRACTOR must order and supply OWNER with 10% of each type of tile unit supplied for maintenance use.
  14. Time requirement: Length of construction = 90 days from signed contract.
  15. Bidders must provide a cost for each area.
  16. Submission of proposals: Electronic submission preferred. Due date is November 22, 2023 by 3:00PM. Submit to Jennifer Nash, Acting Library Director, in person or by email to jnash@chboothlibrary.org. Acknowledgement of receipt will be provided.

Any questions regarding the RFP may be directed to Jennifer Nash at jnash@chboothlibrary.org no later than November 20, 2023 at 12:00PM. Answers to any and all questions will be posted at https://www.chboothlibrary.org/ceilings/ ‎as soon as is practicable. Bidders are advised to check that site for updates.

PART B. Definitions, Licenses, Insurance, Completion

  1. OWNER The term “Owner” refers to C.H. Booth Library a.k.a. Cyrenius H. Booth Library, a federal and CT tax free nonprofit agency located at 25 Main Street in Newtown, CT.
  2. CONTRACTOR The term “Contractor” refers to a person or entity that enters into a contract with OWNER. The party responsible for the overall job is a “general contractor,” and those he/she/it hires to construct or install certain parts are “subcontractors,” who are responsible to the general contractor and not to the OWNER. CONTRACTOR must be appropriately LICENSED to perform the WORK.
  3. WORK The term “Work” includes all labor, materials, equipment and services required of the CONTRACTOR, as shown, described or inferred in the Contract Documents. The CONTRACTOR is only to use its own qualified forces and/or approved sub-trades to undertake the Work. The CONTRACTOR may not sub out further work without the prior written consent of the OWNER, such consent to be granted at the discretion of the OWNER.
  4. Prior to beginning the WORK the CONTRACTOR will need to provide bona fides as to Certificate of Insurance (COI) and provide a Performance Bond. These will conform to the requirements of the Town of Newtown. A copy of these requirements is provided here.
  5. At the time those bona fides are provided a contract will be signed and dated by both parties. This contract will contain, at minimum:
  • The estimated start and end date of the project;
  • Agreed-upon payment terms;
  • Total agreed cost of project;
  • Details on the scope of the project as taken from this Scope of Work.

PART C. Descriptions of Ceilings to be Replaced

Area Level Drawing Reference Approx square feet (to be verified by CONTRACTOR)
Sorting room 1 1 700
Vault area 1 2 360
Children’s storytime 1 3 475
Internal stairs 1-2-3 5 110
Bathroom 1 3 6 60
TOTAL     1,705

Note: No Area 4

Attached Drawings

Drawings are hyperlinked below.

1 Lower Level Plan | 2 Second Level Plan | 3 Third Level Plan

Drawings are not to scale. All areas scheduled for ceiling replacement shall be field measured for verification.

Any and all BIDDER QUESTIONS that are able to be answered before the Bid Due Date will be listed at this hyperlink.