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Volunteer in Newtown

The library has a new page!

Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer? Look no further! Get Connected, Newtown is a free-to-use hub for volunteer events and opportunities! Stay connected to your favorite local nonprofit organizations, and learn about new ones! There’s always an event coming up and a need for helping hands. It’s easy to use and even easier to sign up.

Have any questions? Reach out today! Contact Lily Mac Hugh to learn more and get involved!

The Federal Reserve is trying to reduce inflation… | Value Line

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The Federal Reserve is moving full steam ahead on the monetary policy tightening front. The central bank strategy is to cool the economy, hoping that “tighter” money will reduce demand for goods and services, and thus reduce inflation. Specifically, the Fed is quickly raising the benchmark short-term interest rate while also selling bonds for cash. The idea is that by removing cash from the financial system, consumer and business spending will be reduced. The bank feels that with less total spending, recent price rises will be moderated. Learn more about this topic here.

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