Author: Olivia Scully

Introduction to iPad: iOS 12 Basics

NEW! Join us for the library’s tech classes for adults! Apple iPads are popular for their stunning displays, portability, long battery life, and, of course, all the wonderful things they can do. iPads can truly open up new worlds of learning, entertainment, and communication for you. In this class, we will begin to explore some...

Newtown Non-Profit Council

Do you represent a Newtown nonprofit organization? Join us at the library for the inaugural meeting of the Newtown Non-Profit Council on March 22. For details and information on how to reserve your spot, visit the Newtown Non-Profit Council on the web.

All of Us Newtown

As part of the ‘Healthy Community’ movement in Newtown, and as an agent of community cooperation and collaboration, the C.H. Booth Library’s All of Us Newtown project is a program of outreach involving public education about the All of Us Research Program and health information literacy using resources available from the National Institutes of Health...