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The Cyrenius H. Booth Library Internet Access

The Cyrenius H. Booth Library offers a 10 internet workstations in the Reference Department on the 3rd Floor. In addition there is a workstation with internet access and business databases in the Business/Career section of the Reference Department.


For Young Adult patrons there are four internet workstations available in the Young Adult section on the 2nd Floor when the Young Adult Librarian is on duty. At other times patrons 15 and older may use internet stations in the Reference Department, younger patrons may use workstations in the Childrens Department.


For Children, there are two internet workstations in the Childrens Department on the 1st Floor. Patrons 14 years and younger must have a signed Parental Permission slip to be able to use the internet in the library. The library also wireless internet access available 24/7. This is open wireless access that does not require a log on.


Please read the Library's Internet and Wireless Usage Policies for more information.

The Cyrenius H. Booth Library Internet Access Policy

The Cyrenius H. Booth Library Wireless Internet Usage Policy



C.H. Booth Public Library Internet Access Policy

The C. H. Booth Library’s Internet access is intended primarily as an information resource.  The Library does not provide electronic mail or access to chat, news or discussion groups. Library patrons use the Internet at their own discretion.  The C.H. Booth Library cannot censor access to materials or protect users from information they may find offensive.  We do not monitor or control information accessible through the Internet and do not accept responsibility for its content.


The Internet may contain information that is inappropriate for viewing by children.  The library staff is not in a position to monitor or supervise children’s use of the Internet.  As with other library materials, restriction of access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.  Parents are required to sign a permission slip for Internet users under the age of 14.


Library staff will assist patrons with the Internet as time permits, but cannot offer personal instruction on computer use.


Internet users are subject to applicable local, state and federal statutes.  Any unlawful or malicious activity that causes harm to another person, the Library or the computer equipment will result in the loss of Internet use for the offending person.


Internet sources may not prove to be accurate, appropriate or current.  Critically evaluate all material that you find.


U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials.  All responsibility for any consequences of copyright infringement lies with the user; the Library disclaims any liability of responsibility resulting from such use.


Patrons are required to log on. Session length is 60 minutes with 30 minute extension available if no one else is waiting. Time is limited to 3 hours per day.

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Cyrenius H. Booth Library Wireless Internet Access Usage Policy

The C. H. Booth Library’s public wireless network is open to anyone who agrees to abide by the Library’s Internet Access Policy. This policy prohibits illegal activity while using the Internet. Please read this document prior to accessing the Library's wireless network and understand that you agree to abide by this policy when you use the Library’s wireless network.


The user must also understand that the Library’s wireless network provides no data encryption between the access points and your device. Someone in the Library vicinity can potentially capture information sent to or from your device. It is your responsibility to protect your laptop or other wireless device through the use of up-to-date virus protection, personal firewall and other measures. To securely access your corporate web email and other confidential or sensitive applications and online transactions, you may need a security solution (e.g. Virtual Private Network) for your device. The Library recommends that credit card information and passwords not be transmitted while using the wireless network. The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for device configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the Library’s network or the Internet, nor liability for any damages to hardware, software or data, howsoever caused.

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January 2007