Category: Young Critics


Saving Hamlet by Molly Booth

I thoroughly enjoyed the book Saving Hamlet, and I appreciate that authors are starting to include more LGBTQ characters in novels these days.  Although I usually try to stay away from books with time travel, I like how the author used it in the book.  Emma is a well thought out character who expresses her...


Still a Work in Progress

Still a Work in Progress by Jo Knowles is a novel about a little brother’s perspective on an eating disorder his sister is going through.  The characters are probably the best part of the story, as they are all well rounded, interesting and memorable.  Although the book might seem sad and disturbing there are many...


Going Wild

Going Wild by Lisa McMann was a bit of a dull read. This disappointed me because I very much liked this author’s last series, The Unwanteds. I did not get past the tenth chapter, and was definitely not captivated by the chapters I did read. From what I gather, the story follows a young girl...